Hackmatack Children's Choice Book Award / Prix Littéraire - Le Choix des Jeunes.

The Hackmatack Author Tour continues this year online!

A number of nominated Hackmatack Children’s Choice Book Awards authors will be delivering author talks and readings on Facebook this year for Hackmatack Tour. 
Please join us, whether you’re a Hackmatack reader or not!
This years authors include:

Charis Cotter – Monday, May 11 / 1:00pm (Atl. time)

Nominated for English fiction: The Ghost Road
Ruth and Ruby are cousins who have never met before. They are spending the summer in Buckle, Newfoundland, where they discover that not only are they are the same age, but they both lost their mothers when they were two years old. The Ghost Road is about a lost community and the troubles a family carries from one generation to the next.
Charis Cotter grew up beside a cemetery and has been living with ghosts ever since. She lives at the end of a road beside the ocean, in one of the most haunted parts of Newfoundland.

Jan L. Coates – Wednesday, May 13 / 1:00pm (Atl. time)

Nominated for English fiction: Talking to the Moon
Katie Pearson is living in foster care and has her own unique way of experiencing the world. She is looking for her birth mother who has been missing for eight years.
Author Jan L. Coates is a writer because she’s always been a reader, she believes that stories are the best, whether you’re reading them or writing them.

Anne Laurel Carter – Thursday, May 14 / 1:00pm (Atl. time)

Nominated for English nonfiction: My River: Cleaning Up the LaHave River
My River is the story of Stella Bowles’s successful environmental activism. Her grade 6 and 7 science fair projects about our polluted river horrified me. Stella’s work helped launch a $15.7 million cleanup program.
Anne Laurel Carter has written 19 books for young readers. She’s now a climate activist because it’s her#1 issue where she wants to see change.

Sarah Sawler – Friday, May 15 / 1:00pm (Atl. time)

Nominated for English nonfiction: 100 Things You Don’t Know About Atlantic Canada – For Kids
Did you know that you can walk on the ocean floor at the Hopewell Rocks in New Brunswick? Or that there was once a UFO sighting in PEI? Or that someone found a real Maud Lewis painting in a thrift shop? 100 Things You Don’t Know About Atlantic Canada (for Kids) collects the most interesting, surprising, and bizarre facts you never knew about Atlantic Canada. The book also includes fun photos and helpful explanations.
Sarah Sawler lives in Nova Scotia and is the award-winning author of three books.

Joann Hamilton-Barry, Friday, May 22 / 1:00pm (Atl. time)

Nominated for English nonfiction: There be Pirates! Swashbucklers & Rogues of the Atlantic
Pirates are very different from the fictional pirates in movies, TV shows and adventure stories. They weren’t lovable, like Jack Sparrow or bumbling, like Captain Hook. Pirates were thieves and criminals. Learn the facts and surprising information about pirates.
Joann Hamilton-Barry is a librarian in Saint John, New Brunswick, and the author of number of books for children.