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2022-23 Hackmatack Shortlists

View the French shortlists.

Download the English shortlists.

English Fiction

by Valerie Sherrard

Cormorant Books, 2021

$13.95 (pb)

by Thomas King; illustrated by Natasha Donovan
HarperCollins Canada, 2021
$21.99 (pb)

A Boy is Not a Ghost
by Edeet Ravel

Groundwood Books, 2021

$16.99 (hc)

Elvis, Me, and the Lemonade Stand Summer
by Leslie Gentile

Cormorant Books, 2021

$13.95 (pb)

The Fabulous Zed Watson!
by Basil Sylvester

HarperCollins Canada, 2021

9781443460910 $21.99 (hc)

9781443460934 $12.99 (pb)

The Family Way
by Laura Best

Nimbus Publishing, 2021

$14.95 (pb)

HalfCourt Trap
by Kevin heronJones

James Lorimer & Company Ltd, 2021

$12.95 (pb)

My Indian
by Mi’sel Joe and Sheila O’Neill

Breakwater Books, 2021

$16.95 (pb)

Stealing Home
by J. Torres; illustrated by David Namisato

Kids Can Press, 2021

$18.99 (hc)

A Terrible Tide
by Suzanne Meade

Second Story Press, 2021

$11.95 (pb)

English Nonfiction

Amazing Black Atlantic Canadians
by Lindsay Ruck; illustrated by James Bentley

Nimbus Publishing, 2021

$19.95 (pb)

Beavers: Radical Rodents and Ecosystem Engineers
by Frances Backhouse

Orca, 2021

$24.95 (hc)

Germy Science: The Sick Truth About Getting Sick
(And Staying Healthy)

by Edward Kay; illustrated by Mike Shiell

Kids Can Press, 2021

9781525304125 $19.99 (hc)

How to Promenade With a Python
by Rachel Poliquin; illustrated by Kathryn Durst

Tundra Books, 2021

9780735266582 $16.99 (hc)

9780735271746 $11.99 (pb)

Meet David Suzuki
by Elizabeth MacLeod; illustrated by Mike Deas

Scholastic Canada, 2021

9781443182607 $16.99 (hc)

The Science of Song: How and Why We Make Music
by Alan Cross, Emme Cross and Nicole Mortillaro;
illustrated by Carl Wiens

Kids Can Press, 2021

9781771387873 $19.99 (hc)

Small but Mighty: Why Earth’s Tiny Creatures

by Kendra Brown; illustrated by Catarina Oliveira

OwlKids, 2021

9781771474313 $19.95 (hc)

Unstoppable: Women with Disabilities
by Helen Wolfe; illustrated by Karen Patkau

Second Story, 2021

9781772602098 $19.95 (hc)

Walking for Water: How One Boy Stood Up For
Gender Equality
by Susan Hughes; illustrated by Nicole Miles

Kids Can Press, 2021

9781525302497 $18.99 (hc)

Wild Outside: Around the World with Survivorman
by Les Stroud; illustrated by Andrew P. Barr

Annick, 2021

$22.95 (pb)