CELAHackmatack titles for readers with print disabilities

You don’t have to be in a Hackmatack reading club to enjoy the books. And you don’t have to be a conventional reader.

The Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA) is an accessible library service, providing books and other materials to Canadians of all ages with print disabilities.

You can get these titles from your public library, or through the CELA website.

Hackmatack Shortlisted Books 2020-21

Acting Wild: How We Behave Like Birds, Bugs and Beasts
by Maria Birmingham
(Braille, Synthetic audio, ePub)

How to Become an Accidental Genius
by Elizabeth MacLeod and Frieda Wishinsky
(Braille, Synthetic audio, ePub)

Jacques’ Escape
by Anne C. Kelly
(Braille, Synthetic audio, ePub)

No Girls Allowed:Inspired by the True Story of a Girl Who Fought for Her Right to Play
by Natalie Corbett Sampson
(Braille, Synthetic audio, ePub)

Pickles vs. the Zombies
by Angela Misri
(DAISY audio)

Ramadan: The Holy Month of Fasting
by Ausma Zehanat Khan
(Human-narrated audio, Human-transcribed braille)

Scholastic Canada Biography: Meet Elsie MacGill
by Elizabeth MacLeod
(DAISY audio)

Sharing Our Truths/Tapwe
by Henry Beaver & Mindy Willett with Eileen Beaver
(Braille, Synthetic audio, ePub)

Shiny and New
by Robert Chafe
(DAISY audio)

Why Don’t Cars Run on Apple Juice? Real Science Questions from Real Kids
by Kira Vermond
(Braille, Synthetic audio)

L’Agence des Super Orphelins #01
par Julie Royer
(DAISY audio)

Enterrer la lune
par Andrée Poulin
(DAISY audio)

Le Fantôme de la maison Scott
par Alain M. Bergeron
(DAISY audio)

Les étoiles
par Jacques Goldstyn
(DAISY audio)

Les Nuages
par Ève Christian
(DAISY audio)

Lucie, la mouffette qui pète quand elle rit
par Shallow
(DAISY audio)

Perdues dans le noir
par Alexandra Larochelle
(DAISY audio)

Quatre filles de caractère
par Emmanuelle Bergeron
(DAISY audio)

Savais-tu? : Les Paresseux
par Alain M Bergeron & Michel Quintin et Sampar
(DAISY audio)

Hackmatack 2019-20 Books


We’d like to thank CELA for the wonderful work they do. Their collection has more than 700,000 professionally produced titles, with an emphasis on  Canadian authors and stories, and favourites for kids and teens.